Infusion Program

The Infusion Program funded by Lafayette’s Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant will make the biology curriculum more interdisciplinary. BioConnections Summer Workshops will allow biology faculty to work with members of other departments and programs to infuse half of the biology courses with interdisciplinary modules such as bioethics, computer science, engineering, health economics, mathematics, etc.

Each module will have a two-week lecture and lab component, with at least two modules in each course, ideally from separate disciplines. About 30 percent of each “infused course” should focus on solving interdisciplinary problems.

Learn about the interdisciplinary infusions

Capstone Course

A new, required interdisciplinary capstone course will be a culminating experience in which seniors reflect on their learning. They will discuss how the courses they have completed informed and altered their understanding of:

  • evolution
  • the structure and function of biological molecules
  • information flow, exchange, and storage
  • pathways and transformations of energy and matter
  • systems biology

This class will emphasize higher-order thinking, communication skills, and the ability to solve societal problems by making meaningful connections between disparate courses, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary.

Biology/Computational Methods 106 A Modeling-Based Approach to Biology

This introductory course combines biology, modeling, and computation. Students will work through problems in different modules to develop an understanding of the necessity and advantages of interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems in biology. They will give presentations and write reports at the end of each module. They will learn to work in teams and with students from other disciplines. This course serves as an alternative to BIOL 102.