Our biology majors enjoy small classes and laboratory sections, even in General Biology. Our professors are committed to teaching and undergraduate research, and about half of our majors perform individual lab research projects under the guidance of faculty mentors. Many of these result in published scientific papers with students as co-authors and/or public presentations at state and national scientific meetings.


HHMI Project

Initiatives funded by an $800,000 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) grant are preparing students to become leaders in science research and medicine. The project includes creating student research experiences, boosting the diversity of students who study science, and supporting faculty and curriculum development.

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Undergraduate Research

Student research is an important element of the biology curriculum and teaching basic research skills is one of the missions of the biology faculty.

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Lab TA Program

The laboratory teaching assistant has considerable responsibility for the teaching and general management of the lab and evaluation of the students in the laboratory section.

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Degree Requirements

There are many exciting discoveries in medicine, genetics, molecular biology, agriculture, and ecology. The biology curricula are designed to prepare students to contribute to these developments by preparing them for careers in research, teaching, or the health professions industries.

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