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  • Ph.D., University of Arizona


BIOL 101 General Biology

BIOL 106 A Modeling Based Approach to Biology

BIOL 245 Immunology

BIOL 312 Cell Biology

BIOL 345 Infectious Diseases

FYS 061 Your Immune System: Friend or Foe?


Research in my laboratory is focused on investigating the immune response to cancer. Currently, there are two major areas of interest. The first area of interest is focused on the interaction between the innate (nonspecific) and adaptive (specific) anti-tumor immune response. The second area under investigation explores the early immune response to cancer.  My lab uses cellular and molecular biological approaches for studying interactions between the immune system and cancer providing students with a background in basic research techniques relevant to many different fields of study.

project one

The first project is focused on toll-like receptors (TLR) and cancer.  TLR are components of the innate defense system and are normally expressed by epithelial and white blood cells.  Since 90% of cancers worldwide are carcinomas (which are derived from epithelial tissues), there is a compelling reason to gain a better understanding of the implications of TLR expressed by tumor cells.  Students in my lab have found that under certain conditions we could bolster anti-tumor immunity, make tumors grow slower, and decrease metastasis by turning on TLR expressed by tumors.  However, we could also make the tumors grow faster by changing the treatment conditions.  In order to make sense of these conflicting data students are unraveling the TLR signaling cascade in cancer cells.  So far they have found that a protein involved in the TLR signaling pathway (Myd88) contributes to tumor growth and metastasis.

project two

The other project underway in my lab is focused on analyzing the early immune response to cancer.  Many studies focused on the immune response to cancer occur once tumors have already grown because this allows investigators to capture and analyze the white blood cells that have infiltrated a solid tumor mass.  As a result, there is a paucity of information about the immune response to tumors that are not yet palpable.

Recent publications: (Lafayette students*)

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