Interested in joining a nationwide community of researchers working on phage diversity?


  • Fall semester lab – isolate characterize Mycobacteriophage from soil
  • Interim – one phage is sequenced (while you relax at home)
  • Spring semester lab – bioinformatics analysis of your sequenced phage

A Mycobacteriophage; image from:



The SEA-PHAGES lab is attached to the General Biology course. You must commit to enrolling in both Biol 101 (Fall 2016) and Biol 102 (Spring 2017).


By May 31 in the form below, upload a one-page essay outlining your aspirations for your career after a STEM major at Lafayette College. You will be notified in early June.

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Look here for the official website of the HHMI SEA-PHAGES program.

Questions? For answers, please email, use SEA-PHAGES in the subject line.